vielle plate

Required Materials :

- a Hurdy Gurdy
- a tuner
- a metronome
- a cassette recorder
- small, sticky labels
- This time number the left hand from "1" for the little finger to "5" for the thumb


You must have mastered perfectly the style of turning the wheel taught in the previous lesson. You must be able to do it semi-automatically without looking at your arm.

Today you are going to work on the regularity of the movement.. The aim is to be able to make a complete turn of the wheel at a tempo dictated by the metronome without speeding up. To achieve this you run the metronome and at each "tick" you must make one turn of the wheel. Before starting, try to do it without regulation so that you can asses better how difficul the action is.


The manipulation of the keyboard (fingering) is quite as important as that of the wheel. The object of this second part of the lesson is twofold: to familiarise yourself with this part of the instrument and to be able to separate the use of the right hand from the use of the left..



Try to repeat the exercise, without looking at your right or left hand, but looking straight ahead. This is more difficult than it seems, especially at the beginning.


Prepare a series of little labels reproducing the table below. The red line represents the sharps and flats (white keys), and the blue line represents the natural notes (black keys). Each label must be stuck to the rear of the asociated key where you can see it.

Sol# La# Do# Ré# Fa# Sol# La# Do# Ré# Fa#
La Si Do Mi Fa Sol La Si Do Mi

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