To be a "vielleux", it is naturally to know how to play it correctly, be able adjust the hurdy-gurdy quickly, and a possibility of liking it fervently.
To be a "vielleux", it is also to possess a certain culture of the instrument : its history rich in miles years, its geography which carries us in the four places of France...
To be a "vielleux", it is finally to be able to open in other people's opinions (that they are players of hurdy-gurdy or not) with their more or less different conceptions of the instrument.


"Points of view" is a column in which you can discover various manners to think, various conceptions, of the hurdy-gurdy in the fault the glance of men and women whose route has a crossed day that of the instrument.

List of the articles :

1- In lost and found hurdy-gurdy.
      By Évelyne Girardon (compagnie Beline, Roulez Fillettes), hg player, songer and actress, vice-presidente of the F.A.M.D.T.

2- Sketch of the hurdy-gurdy.
      Glances and definitions notably by Phillipe Mousnier (maker) and Gilles Chabenat (player, compositor,...), ...

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